Isolate Obliques

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 5216)

Lie on the mat on your left side, supporting the upper body on your left elbow, with the rest of your body in one even plane from head to toes- right leg resting on left leg.

Right hand palm down on the mat near your waist.

The move is to raise your hip off the mat until your body is an inverted V.

I tell the class to feel the burn in their left side. We do eight up for 2 and down for 2, eight single counts, then a pulse for twelve. Switch sides and repeat. Second set depends upon how strong the class is. I usually increase the number of reps by 4.

At first you may want to help yourself up with your right arm, but this should only be a slight assist. Once your obliques become strong, the forward arm can lie on your side, not touching the floor at all.

**If there is too much pressure on the supporting elbow, have the client lean their hips forward just a bit while maintaining an even plane with the body.

I have heard "Every time I laughed the next day I hated you." This is the best way to isolate the obliques.

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From: Huntington Woods, Michigan (USA)
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