Lo Impact Rapid Fire

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5217)

This combo moves pretty fast and it's a lot to say in a short period of time, but my students love it. Repeat pattern facing back wall.

Weight shift -- similar to a "tap side," alternating right and left legs laterally, but with a little more weight on the tapping leg. I add single arm forward pushes from the same shoulder of the tapping leg.

Start with the "March up" and the "Weight shift". Break down until you have a march up (4) and a weight shift (4) with a march back (4) and a weight shift (4).

Then break down the double knee/step touch part starting with single knees, going to double knees, then double knee with the step touch until it looks like the final product.

Take a couple of phrases to put that much together, then take out the march back (4) and weight shift (4) and add in the hamstrings. I keep the hamstrings facing forward for a couple of phrases and just have my students travel back to where they started. Then I practice the 180 hamstring turn and add it in and VOILA!

Hope someone finds this useful. I know I get a LOT of inspiration from the combos at "Turnstep."

This is my first pattern submission, so if I wasn't clear on something please email me with questions. Thanks!

For those "over-organizers" out there like me -- I take all of the combos I do and put each of them on a separate 3x5 card, date and file them into categories (i.e., 4-wall, front wall/back wall, diagonal, etc.) It's a great reference and I can always go back to favorites later on.

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