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I have created 3 combinations today. Remember that when you are teaching combinations to your classes, that they rely on you for your guidance. You are their leader. If you are not happy, they are not happy. If you don't like your music, they do not like your music. They know when you dont want to be there. We all go through it. Are you feeling like you are in a rut? Try some new music. I recently discovered Camelot Sound. Email for a complete catalog. I also use John Sines and Musicflex quite regularly. Go to the aerobics music area on and click. Sometimes all you need is a great tape and new combination. So here we go!!!!

Combination #1

Combination #2

Repeat combo on left lead leg

Combination #3

Remember that with any combo that you do that you change the intensity to match the level of the class. You can chose to power the lower impact moves to change the style/intensity. Use all the combinations or none at all. You can take some of the simple creativity and put it with your own combos.

I have 2 combinations on this site ( Grapevine Frenzy) and ( Sportsdance Step! ) I had the wrong email address down. (Fixed - Greg) Please email with any questions about this combo or any other one that I have done. I would like your feedback as to how my combos are written. I hope you enjoy.

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From: New Briatain, Connecticut (USA)
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