Kathy Z's Hard Core-ography 14

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4910)

I'm back with another advanced, tapless routine for you! Not for beginners, so please don't try this. As usual, I'm using north-south-east-west directions, which seem to give some of you fits. If you will keep in mind that north is the front wall, south is the back wall, east is the right wall and west is the left wall, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Bear in mind that the names of the walls don't change when you're facing another direction...the west wall when you're facing the front is still the west wall when you're facing back.

Horizontal step; "home" is behind the step, facing the front (north!) wall.

Pattern One

Repeat pattern beginning left lead.

Pattern Two

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other pattern

Pattern Three

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns

Pattern four

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns..

Explanations for steps in all patterns above:

Basic out-out-up-up:

(finish with 3 alternating lunges, right-left-right, down down left-right at home)

Pivot chacha:

Repeat this move again, left lead, to complete the 16 counts.

Swoop and march around:

Finish with over the top, right lead, landing at home, and a step-karate kick-down down, right lead in the west corner.

4 On the floor:
This can be four alternating knee lifts for beginners, or as follows...

Finish the 16 counts by repeating the first 8 counts, facing the WEST wall. On counts 15 and 16, turn to face the front wall!

Pumpin' L chasse' combo - begin facing front wall:

Now you are ready to begin the charleston ski, which could be replaced with 2 step-karate kicks, both of them left lead from where we are now...

Charleston ski:

Finish the pattern with the diamond, (or marching all the way around the step), left lead.

Cra-Zee step:

Over walkout:


Finish with an L-step, right lead, facing the back of the room...8 counts only, so you don't do a complete L-step, just on the one end and back. You'll be on the NORTH side of the step when you repeat pattern four on the left lead, and you will end up at home when it's finished, ready to begin with pattern one, right lead.

Some of these moves were inspired by my aerobic email pals, and who allow me the liberty of making them my own. I am always looking for cool new stuff, so send me your ideas! Again, thanks to those of you who email me with your creative genius, your too-kind comments, and your news. Besides the great new stuff I get from all of you, I've made some wonderful cyber-friends.

Until next time...

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