This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4924)

Here are some ideas I do for ABS with buoys:

Sit ups: Lay on back, buoys at the side, knees together and grazing the water, toes pointing towards the ceiling. Count crunches 12 at a time and then recover. These also can be done on the side for obliques. The trick is keeping the knees together to force the abs and not the legs to do the work.

"Dunkies": Again start on your back with buoys at the side. Feet come out of the water as high as you can get them. Count your set and then straddle the legs open wide and swing the body so that you end up on your stomach. Really squeeze the buttocks for a count of 5, swing back and repeat.

Mermaid/Dolphin: Deep water exercise. Thighs together knees together, lower leg together, arms at the sides resting on buoys. Pretend to be scooping with your toes and push off like you have mermaid or dolphin tail. Knees are somewhat bent and movement is small with minor rocking so the abs feel it.

I have more but can't think of them right now. Have fun!

Cynthia May

This is a great page! Please post more shallow water warm-up cardio work! Thanks. Cyn

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