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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4929)

Have had a terrific time with this but it's time to move on since I've used it too long as it is! Had several in each class comment on how much they liked this one! (The title was a comment from the last class I taught this in!) I know it's a lot of combos but there is a lot of repeating so really you will use them all! Let me know how it goes!

Combo One:

Combo Two:

Combo Three:

Combo Four:

Repeat left foot starting with Combo 1

Combo Five:

Repeat left

Combo Six:

Repeat left


* Hippy Chick is an 8 count V. Step out for a V-step (1,2), shake your hips (3,4) jump together (5) kick right foot (6) exit (7,8).

*Double kick walk around... It's a step kick, tap kick on the side of the step and walk 4 around the short end. You can put a turn in as they walk around the end.

*L-step kick it... a regular L-step except instead of pulling the knees or tapping, put in a karate style kick out (side kick). Step right on the end of the step, lift left knee, step left on floor, kick out right leg across the step. (Make sense???)

I tried to be as clear as possible. Email with any questions. Love this site!!!!

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