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Hi Goodboxerseyes here with hopefully a new conditioning and instructional class for beginners starting in the fall. Emphasis is on safety, technical advancement and conditioning for Boxing and Martial Arts combinations.

This choreography is for starters but I like it for other classes as a good technical warm up before doing other more complicated combos.

Emphasize balance and flexibility; I like to put in some Tai Chi before starting the kicking portion.

All kicks, knees are always bent and emphasize kick/pull motion to keep from hyperextension of the knees.

Emphasize slow controlled movements progressed to combos at approximately 126+ bpm.

Target heart rate emphasized to monitor conditioning level.

Knee raises to the front to warm up hip area, (both sides) then, front snap kick: (horse stance)

Cueing, knee raised/kick/pull/back down.

Knee raises angled to the chest (both sides) then, side kick: (horse stance)

Back kick: (front facing, feet shoulder width)

Combo 1 (at tempo) in horse stance

Combo 2 (thanks for the combo, Kim Freeze)

Start in orthodox boxing stance, adding one/two punches. Repeat Combo 2 using opposite hands for punches and feet for kicking at half time.

* Repeat all the above in Combo 2 at tempo

Make sure the one/two punch is fast so as to give proper time for kicks, keep it slow tempo and controlled.

The following comments are interesting from the American Council on Exercise and Fitness:

Therefore obvious answer be skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of cardio kickboxing before you teach it. BE AWARE NOT SQUARE.

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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