Keshia's Favorite Step Combos I

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4950)

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Repeat combo to get back front

Combo 4

Combo 5

Combo 6

Combo 7

Combo 8

Combo 9

Combo 10

Now should be able to start left.


Side lift walk away - side lift walk the step on the floor away from the bench and two steps back

Angie L kick - knee off the side (1-2) turn to face short end (3-4) step up (5-6) kick (7-8)

Full circle - a turning basic around the bench up facing side wall 1-2, exit 3-4 facing back, up up facing other side 5-6, exit facing front 7-8

Reverse V - up up wide facing back, down down narrow

Hourglass V - up up wide 1-2, down down narrow 3-4, step back on the floor wide 5-6, step back towards the bench 7-8

Turn with a kick - turn 1-2 (like a regular turnstep, on 3-4 just kick)

Syncopated basic - up up right left, down kick left, up up left right, down kick right

Kick ball change repeater - See Kathy Z Hardcore

Pilar triangle - grapevine around the bench in the shape of a triagle ie >

Rocking horse - step ham then knee

Corner turn- a turn on the small end ,it will set you up to go across the top.

Across the top with inside side lift - go across 1-2, on 3-4 lift the inside leg.

Across with inside outside iniside - across with three alternate side lifts starting with trail leg then lead then trail.

Showtime - across the top (1-2) turn and face the back when exit (3-4) Take step touch moving away from the bench (5-6) chasse with a kick still moving away (7-8) step touch back towards the bench but face front (9-12) knee to the front (13-16)

I want to say thanks to all the instructors that inspire me. Especially Kathy Z, Janis Pippon, Rogie bear, Angie Fernandez, Pilar Ybarra, and countless other who make this site great.

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From: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
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