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Hi fitness instructors! Goodboxerseyes here. The following information is a format, choreography and moves meant for beginners to advanced. I don't want you to interpret my way is the best way but because of the email received not understanding the language or how to do certain moves, I will explain these moves the language of Boxing terms which if you don't have, hopefully you will now. Music 132-140 bpm depending on fitness level


Start in orthodox position (left foot lead, right foot back and pointed towards punching, always at about a shoulder distance - this is a modification from the Boxers stance to ensure safety ie so as knees don't torque).

All lead punching (that is the fist that is on the same side as the lead foot)

Repeat x 8 for (32).
- Follow this format for lead hook and uppercut.
- Remember the hook needs to end with palms facing you (unless you want to pick up a bad habit of allowing the last 2 knuckles to take the impact instead of the whole fist)
- The uppercut needs to start with elbow at hip area then raised at 45 degree angle up (watch for participants who throw their elbows back this leads to a front deltoid injury, can be corrected by going behind and placing arms to their sides to keep elbows in).

Repeat this format on the southpaw stance (ie. right foot is lead and left foot is back facing the direction of the punches)


Orthodox position (doing punches from the side of the back foot this is called the power punch, hook and uppercut). - Follow this format for the hook and uppercut on the power side.

Repeat this format on the southpaw stance.


Combination of the 2 formats: in both orthodox and southpaw stance. Change lead jabs and power punches to hooks and uppercuts.
Repeat in Southpaw Position.

This is a fairly long (approximately 10-15 minute technical punch workout which more than prepares the beginner in instruction to punching. And is a good review for advanced participants.

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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