Summer Stepping

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4964)

I'll run this through from the beginning. Starts basic-gets harder. This is harder to do than I thought it would be. I know how I call them but it's hard to make them clear so everyone can understand. Hope it's OK

Step in horizontal position.

Repeat all from 2 knee repeater left lead off right end.

This is my last combo, it sounds hard, but it really isn't

**Repeat all starting left lead on the windmills and ending on right lead with the curls
Add: Add right lead 5 repeater windmills. At the end of corner curls you should be on left leg. Repeat from 1/2 "L" off right end with left lead

**Once they get this move, on the cross top, hop turn across. (EX: off the end (1/2"l" right lead)-hop turn Across-(right lead) You will now exit off the front of the step (right lead still), facing the rear of the room.

Change legs, go off the other end (1/2 "L" left lead) Hop turn across (left lead still, exit off to back of room (1/2 "L" left lead) Then go right into:
5 Repeater windmill (right lead) 1 basic left, 4 corner curls, etc.

Any question? Let me know.

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