Kathy Z's Advanced Block Party

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4965)

As in previous submissions, the block party format is as follows:

        (Front of room)


       X                 X
       X                 X
       X                 X
       X                 X


Each block has four bases, with a person at each base, facing inside the block. All steps in a block should be the same height, and there should be enough room at the corners to move easily between the steps. If you have an odd number of people, a block may have empty steps. The steps are labeled home, first, second, and third, like a baseball diamond. The step each person starts at is home, the step to the immediate right is first, the step across from home is second, and the last step is third. Each person's beginning step is their "home"...the labels are used as a simple way to describe which step they should travel to. For example, if the routine calls for you to move around the block to the step directly across from you, you would cue "walk to second". Once you have moved to second and you wish to return home, you cue "walk to home plate". In other words, every person has a baseball field, and just as in baseball, the bases keep the same names throughout the game (class!). Although there are four people in a block, each person has a different perspective on the diamond. My home plate is third base to the person to my right, and that person's home plate is my first base. Email me if that's confusing to you. Here's some advanced choreography, by request!

Pattern One

Pattern Two

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, first base, and add to pattern one.

Pattern Three

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, home plate, and add to other patterns

Pattern Four

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, first base, and add to other patterns

Explanations of moves:
These descriptions all begin with the lead you would be on for the first run-through in the patterns above. For the second run-through, simply reverse the lead and directions.


You should be halfway beyond the left end of the step, ready to march forward on the right foot. Your march takes you in front of third base, inside the block, to the end of second base, ready for your slides across the top which also face outside.


Less agile participants can just do two side kicks on the south side of the step, rather than moving over the step. The UFO is a very circular step...swing your arms with the kick!

Pump shuffle:

You continue in the same direction with your 8 marches, walking right lead around third base, ending up at second and ready to do the repeater knees on second. After the repeater, you travel the same path back to home plate, left lead, ready to begin the pattern on home plate, left lead.


Back kick walkout:

Power skip:

Repeater down:

On the second run-through of the pattern, you will end up back at home plate, ready to begin at the top with pattern one!

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