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Here is a step circuit routine for ya! Remember, any of these moves can be modified for more or less intensity and/or difficulty. Anything that is questionable will be explained at the end of that block of choreo. I don't use any special music or set any time limits on each interval of work. I just throw in a tape, about 130 bpm, and start working them.


Repeat on the left

For the 2 knee repeater alternating I change it to a 2 kick repeater on top of the step, meaning that I tap the step after the 1st kick rather than the floor. Then I step down and do it on the other lead. Must control the movement so as not to just be flinging the leg around.

You can run up the basic right for intensity, remember to walk it down.

The tap up side to side become a step stomp- on the right lead, instead of tapping the step with the left foot, stomp (easily, now) the left foot on the floor to the left of the step. Then step back to home and repeat on the other lead.

You can do anything you want with the repeater, I use something from one of Petra Kolbers' videos - chug repeater - step with right foot, left corner (1), left knee comes up (2), left foot comes to floor beside left corner (3), lift or "chug" back towards home left foot 2x (4,5), lift left knee up (6), step back to home, left/right (7,8)

#2 weights

Shoulder/chest combo
We use small weights 5-8 pounds depending upon participant strength with front deltoids. Perform 8 reps of overhead presses, 8 reps of pec deck for chest, then 4 reps of 1/2 time downward & upward rotations (keeping the arms in position as though you were going to do overhead presses, slowly rotate the arms down, maintaining that 90 degree bend, then slowly rotate them back to starting position.) You can cut this down to 4, 4 and 2 then to 2, 2, and 2, then finally 1 overhead press, at tempo, 1 pec deck, at tempo, and 1 downward/upward rotation, 1/2 time.

#3 step

Repeat left lead

This one is pretty easy, any options you want, the only thing that I show them for options is in place of the knee and 2 jacks sequence. You could knee back, maintain posisition facing the direction that you come back from, and instead of 2 jacks and another set of knee 2 jacks, you could cue "knee back, stay here, 3 single knees". That makes those jack haters happy.

#4 weights

Any tricep execise here is great, I usually choose to do dips, we aim for 50, but I tell them to go until they feel or see their form slip then stop, stand up, march and stretch.

#5 step

Repeat left lead

Plenty of options for you L-step. We use this- L off or knee off, again, however you cue it, don't tap the right foot down, keep it on the step, squat squat (1,2,3,4), we throw a right/left punch during the squat squat, then power knee home (5,6, 7,8)

Up, lunge back 2, exit can become up lunge back left (1,2,3,4), turn toward left side of room and lunge right to front of step (5,6), then step back down at home (7,8)

#6 weights

Grab those heavier weights and do what you do best with the biceps, really burn them out with some overload work, like working in the lower half of the range of motion, then follow up with working only the upper half of range of motion, finish them off with some at tempo curls, a few 1/2 time, and back to tempo.

#7 floor

Repeat left lead

Grapevine L, in case you don't know, grapevine to the right/quarter turn, face the right wall and grapevine toward the front of room (8 counts), now take it back home, the same way you came (another 8 counts)

On the single/single/double hams you could add 4 hops in a circle on the double or keep it to 2 hams but, again, turning in a circle as you execute them.

#8 step

At this point I take it from the top and run throught the cardio 2 or 3 x, if time permits.

#9 weights

Grab some heavy dumbbells and position yourself for stationary lunges using the front of your bench. Facing the front of room, right foot comes back onto the bench, left foot out in front of you, lunge position, cue proper form and technique, etc. Now burn them out with the stationary lunges, at tempo, 1/2 time, 8 count holds, some pulses work nicely. Then change legs and repeat the misery. Make sure you really stress to them to keep their upper torso erect, abs tight, etc.. I also like to have them really use their glutes during this, so I'm constantly telling them to "SQUEEZE"!

This is usually the point in which I cool them down, stretch them out and do some hamstring and glute work on the floor as well as some abdominals and lower back. Then we stretch again, to soothing music and they are on their way!

I hope you enjoy this one. I use this routine for an hour and 15 minute class. If you only have an hour class, I suggest just cutting down the time used to present the cardio combos. I would love to see more ideas on circuit classes, sometimes I just don't have the time to throw together some hard working, yet interesting, combos for my 2 step circuit classes. I get a lot of ideas from here, so I hope this helps out any of you out there who are in the same boat!

As, always, any questions feel free to email me.

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