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Ok folks, here is a routine I've been working on this week. As usual, I've adapted some combos found here, some from Video (Petra, thank you), they may appear familiar. Hopefully transitions are smooth and explanations are clear. If not, please email me. And as for the name of this entry? I just couldn't come up with one, my creative juices have left me for the day! Explanations for moves will be at the end of the combo they are in.

Combo #1

Repeat on left lead

*Grapevine triangle---- grapevine to the right (4), 1/4 turn and angle next grapevine(left lead) towards the front of room (4) - bench will end up to your right side, 1/4 turn again, facing in towards the bench, grapevine, right lead, at an angle towards back of room (4). Now on that last grapevine, be sure to stay close to the short end of the step. You should now be facing the back and ready to go over the top of the step the long way.

                 -   -
               -       - <<<< grapevine facing out towards front
             -  XXXXXXX -
   grape,>>> -  XXXXXXX  -
 facing in,     -----------<<

*Repeater of your choice---anything you want. I learned this one from a Petra video...chug repeater--- right foot to left corner (1), left knee lifts (2), left foot back to floor for 3 taps, pushing back on each one (3,4,5), left knee lifts again, (6), step down, left then right (7,8). For the arms I use upright rows on the knee lift portion and for the chug portion, we support our weight with our hands on our thighs.

Combo #2

Repeat on left lead

*Corkscrew repeater---start off with regular repeaters as basic option, then I show a right lead 2 knee repeater (1,2,3,4), left foot down (5), right knee lifts (6), triple run-right, left, right (7,8-this is sort of a chachacha) After having them run through it a few times, we add some flair! On the 2 knee part we take the knee and point it out and back in. Here it is: step, knee, point it out, point it front (1,2,3,4) counts 5-8 are the same as above, (down, knee, run, run, run) but turning towards the right side of the room on the tripple run (chachacah), setting up for the straddle over the top.

*6 Point turn---2 turnsteps without the tap down after the first one--right foot up (1), left foot up to execute turnstep (2), right foot down, left foot lifts slightly above step (3), left foot back on step (4), right foot onto step to turn back to starting position (5), left foot back to home position, right foot lifts slightly above bench (6) now you are ready for the chug knee, which will get you back onto the right counts

*Chug knee--simple-one right foot stomp or chug (whatever you call it) and one right lead knee up center ready to start on the left lead

Combo #3

Repeat on left

*Slow basic---either use a 1/2 time basic for low impact participants or this option: hop up onto step, both feet together, center (1,2), hop out wide on step (3,4), hop back in (5,6), step down, right/left (7,8)

Combo #4

Repeat left lead

*Knee hold, etc.-- right lead, step knee (1,2), left foot down, hold right foot on step and clap for 1 count (3,4), now step back (1/2 a mambo) right foot, left foot raises above floor slightly (5), left foot back to floor (6), chachacha right/left/right (7,8)
You are now facing right side of room ready for.....

*Ham straddle 1/2 way around world, left lead----instead of taking your ham straddle all the way around the world and ending up at home, you will take it just to the back of your step, facing the back of room, ready to start the......

*Stomp and shuffle with your left lead----pretty simple actually, stomp 1x, left lead (1,2), shuffle to left, facing back of room 2x (3,4), now 1/4 turn and face out, shuffle 2 x towards back of room (5,6), now 1/4 turn again, face front and shuffle 2x towards your left (7,8) you are now in position for the right lead L-step.

Regarding combo #1, I just copied this one off this site the other day. I don't remember who credit is due, but THANKS, it's a great combo. Combo #2 is completely from a Petra video, Reeboks Rythm and Moves or something like that. Combo #3 is another one that I just recently copied from here, another great combo, thanks to the contributor. And finally combo#4 I believe is one from Kathy Z's Hard Choreography Series, not sure which one, but I had to make some minor changes as my class just could not get the double jog part, so I changed it to the ham straddle 1/2 way around. So, as you can see, not an orginal (to me) combo in the bunch. My hat is off to you who create some of the most interesting things I have seen, thanks to all who make this site happen. This is a fun routine, have had nothing but good feedback from all! Enjoy it!

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