Deep Water hydro-fit blast

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Hi everyone. I teach a deep water interval class using hydro-fit cuffs and bouys. Here are a couple of patterns I use in this class. Hope you can use them:

Using cuffs only:

Have students travel to lane line and back (you can use any travel move) Once back, facing wall, have students do: 10 push-ups, for students who can't lift themselves up out of the water, have them press toes on the wall, arms pulling upper body into the wall and back out again, (be sure they keep their abs tight, backs straight) Repeat this sequence two more times adding 5 extra push-ups each time.

2. flutter kicks. (no bouys)
Start students off with large split kicks. Gradually make kicks tighter and smaller, until doing flutter kick motion. Arms are first sculling, as kicks become smaller, work arms down to sides. With wrist flexed, have students try to lift themselves up out of water, holding that position for 10 counts. Cue I use is have them visualize themselves as water polo goalies, trying to block a score with their heads. I know it sounds funny, but it works.

2a. Flutter kicks
Continue with large split kicks gradually making them smaller. Arms are sculing out at sides. Change arms to hands resting on shoulders, then change to one arm up, out of water, then eventually, both arms up out of water. Hold again for 10 counts, or longer. Some students will lift chins to keep heads higher out of water, be sure to cue against this.

2b. Doing same movement as above, have students rest hands on top of their heads. Again holding for 10 counts. I will warn you, some students complain about their hair getting wet, so have them do 2a option instead.

My deep water class is at noon and only lasts 45 minutes. I try to do a fast serious workout with interval floormat. If you have any ideas, please email me. Enjoy, Tawni

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