Lower Body Blast

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5010)

You will need a step 8-12 inches high depending on clients height and fitness level. Step is vertical BPM 120 This is a cardio lower body sculpt.

Begin with 2 count burn outs on left side of step, right foot on step, left foot on floor slightly behind the step. Keep the chest lifted and abdominals tight.

Count 1: sit into a squat position
Count 2: lift entire body up using the right quad and glute bring knee up navel height (note the right foot does not come off step)
When it's an abductor burnout instead of knee up to navel, bring left leg out to the side, same with glutes and inner thigh.

All right lead

March on top of step begin mini squats on & off right lead (keep reducing to 2's and then to singles)

March top and begin left lead burnouts on the right side of step.

March top again and begin reverse lunges 8 right, 8 left, 16 alternate

Off step to forward lunges, 8 right, 8 left, 16 alternating.

Option for forward lunges-set step at an incline for clients with bad form or bad knees. It helps keep them in alignment.

These are fun and challenging. If you have questions, just call.


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