Schwartzneger Strength Training with Gloves!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 5011)

My students have asked for more strength training, especially the Seniors so my partner (who is a fitness trainer), and I developed this Strength Segment to be used with Wave Web Gloves in shallow water. Joints are submerged! * Note also that we are working from larger muscles to smaller ones.

Begin by lining the students up against the wall and have them perform wall push ups 2 sets of 12

Student should then turn around and go down on one bended knee like they are going to propose. Shoulders are submerged.

Extend arms out in front, like holding a big beach ball, extend them out wide in a FLY fashion (we call this BIG FLY) with open hands, pushing past the shoulder girdle 2 sets of 10

Now isolate the fly (we call it LITTLE FLY) to extend from the elbow ONLY (this is a good way to teach isolation)

Next is the HANGING CURL. Use the same beginning position but drop the arms down to "hang" from the elbows and work to push the arms up towards the surface of the water, isolating from the elbow. (When you begin, the palms face the body in the "hang"). 2 sets of 8

Next is BICEP CURL. Students start with elbows bent and hands facing UP (palms face the body) like they are showing off a wedding ring or a manicure. Push the arms down in the water to the hip only (not beyond or you are working the tricep) and then return to the surface. FLAT open hands. 2 sets of 12

Next is to work the tricep. Hands down at your sides with flat open hands (palms face away from the body). Push back beyond the hip for a TRICEP EXTENSION. 2 sets of 10

Last is what I call the PEE WEE HERMAN. This is also called the buttocks clap. Arms go behind and cross one over the other. 2 sets of 8

Students can switch which knee they are resting on during the exercise. I guarantee they will feel this the next day! Thanks everyone for submitting your patterns, I just love them and use a lot of them now in my classes. Keep it up!

Yours in Aqua, Cynthia

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