Step Circuit

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I usually do 3 minutes of step followed by 1 minute of weights followed by 3 minutes of step followed by 1 minute of weights followed by 3 minutes of floor (hi or lo) followed by 1 minute of weights. I repeat this cycle 2 more times.

Cycle 1


I use heavy weights (5 to 10 pounds)
Bicep curls: singles, doubles, preacher curls, hammer curls


I use light weights (3 or 5 pounds)
Cross pulls: weights are crossed at the lowest point, lift crossed wrists overhead. Pull into a lat pulldown, push back up to a crossed position overhead, lower the crossed weighths back to the start position. One of these is 8 counts. I do 8. After 8 full crosspulls, lift back to a chest press position (I call it a goalpost), squeeze elbows toward the center of the back 8 counts, push arms straight out to side at shoulder height 8 counts, slow chest presses with arms shoulder height 8 counts

I usually start with a march then grapevine and add on until we've gone about 3 minutes

Light weights

This is the end of one cycle. You will do 2 more complete cycles. My 2nd and/or 3rd hi/lo segment is usually cardio box; 2 of the step segments left are box segments on the step. I will include military presses, triceps, upright rows, bentover rows,etc in the weight segments remaining. I don't use much choreography because 3 minutes does not allow much. Feel free to email me with comments or questions.

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From: Watkinsdville, Georgia (USA)
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