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This is especially for Chloe,who asked for more ideas for sports conditioning drills.

  1. Cone Run- Set up cones (or step extensions) about 4-5 feet apart in a line (6-7 total). have participants run to 1st cone, go to the right side of cone and backstep all the way around (you face front all the way around), run to the next cone go to the left side and backstep around, etc. to the end of row then run or side step back to the beginning. Have participants move for speed.
  2. Line 6-7 steps up vertical (no extensions) end to end touching. (again moving for speed) right foot up, left foot up, right foot down, left foot down. Continue up, up, down, down, fast moving from one end of first step to the other end of last step then run back to the beginning. repeating several times.
  3. Parner drill- using resistance tubing- Partner #1 holds handles of tubing which is around the waist of partner #2. Partner #1 "wall sits" (squat with back against wall top of thighs parallel to the floor) Partner #2 is in front of partner #1 stretching tubing to have resistance then without trying to go any further forward, imagine you (#2) are speed skating jumping side to side transfer weight from one foot to the other. Continue for about a minute then switch places.
  4. Partner pushups- participants face each other in push up position, about 4 feet apart. Using a medicine ball 3-4 pounds. Goal is to try to push the medicine ball through your partners arms (they must stop in their push up to push the ball back) Try to get in 1-2 pushups before the ball comes back to you.
  5. Form 2 lines facing each other (face partner) both lines run to center and do ten high five jumps (jump up slap hands) Jacks back.
I've got lots more - our participants love these sports conditioning/bootcamp classes and we've got lots of instructors to teach them= some great ideas!

Have fun. If you can't figure something out email me.

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