Hard Core-ography 8

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4303)

This is an advanced step pattern, no taps of course! The step is horizontal. I've named the walls as follows, for simplicity's sake: front wall, NORTH. Back wall, SOUTH. Left wall, WEST. Right wall, EAST. The names of the walls remain the same, regardless of which way you are facing. "Home" is the position behind the step, facing front, where it all begins. One of the moves in this combination came from my buddy Janis Pipin, and one from TURBO (Deneane Simpson). Thanks guys! Check out their combos, too!

Pattern One

Repeat pattern beginning left lead.


Inverse V:

Hoppin' L-step:

This move requires you to hop a full circle in two hops, so you have to be quick and you have to have strong ankles. A regular L-step may be substituted.

Pattern Two

Repeat pattern two beginning left lead, and add to pattern one


Stroll repeater

Then you go over the top, back to home, facing north

Two turning step touches:

Slow slide:

During this move, you are facing north. My advanced students like to replace counts 5-6 with two jumping jacks on top, moving toward the other end.

Pattern Three

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns.


Pumpin' L-step with 3 ponies:

Pattern Four

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns.


Knee hold:

1/2 Mambo shuffle:

Double Jog Combo:

Pump 3 shuffles:

Finish with the L-step one way only, right lead.

As usual, I appreciate all of the great email I get after submitting a pattern to turnstep. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In all of my submissions, I've only had one question sent to me about a move I used, so it's worth the extra time to explain everything the way I do. I like your feedback!

In closing, I have to say that I received so much email about the "gossip lecture" in my Quickie combo, that it's apparent it's a real problem in our industry. Put your thoughts in your next submission, on how we can address the issue.

See you next time!

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