Sports Conditioning

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In response to Chloe, here is some sports conditioning drills I have taught in my classes

Football shuffle with sprints and jump drills:

| <- jump drills with steps  |
|                            |
|                           ^|
|s                          t|
|p                          n|
|r                          i|
|i                          r|
|n                          p|
|t                          s|
||                           |
|v                           |
|                            |
|  football shuffle/pass ->  |

Start in back of room, facing front and line up class to have first person shuffle sideways from left wall to right wall (you can pass a football to student and back to you if you want) then student will sprint forward to front of room along right wall. Jump drills are done with 6"-8" steps set up in a row along front wall (| | | | |) about 2 feet apart. Students jump on to 1st step and off (moving forward, students will be facing the Left wall and the steps will be horizontal to them), on to 2nd step and off, 3rd step etc.... Then students sprint from front of room along left wall to end back to start. Repeat course then have students reverse direction shuffling left.

I also do Team Relay Drills: Break class up into equal teams 4-5 students in each team. Use a 2-3 pound dumbbell for the "baton". Start at back of room with teams lined up and ready. First person from each team (with baton) runs forward and touches front wall then runs back to team and passes the baton to 2nd person, and so on until all team members have gone. See which team can finish first. Losers get to do push-ups (10-20), then begin the 2nd, 3rd races... Students love this! Competition and team work at it's best!

I hope this gives you some ideas. I'm also looking for new ways to challenge my students. Please, everyone keep sending in your ideas! Thanks!

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