"Simon Says it time to work hard!"

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4337)

When every participant is dripping sweat (i.e., warmed-up). I cue the class into this drill by saying "Simon Says it's time to work hard!" Most people have played the game "Simon Says" as a child, and will pick up on this simple, yet challenging drill quickly. This exercise is as simple as it sounds. The class is to follow my instruction only if I say "Simon Says..." first, that is, before I give any instructions. For example, "Simon Says sprint for 10 seconds at a moderate tension". In this case the class would be correct in following the instructions. However, (this is the fun part) if I call "Sprint hard -10 seconds!" and they do... then Simon has caught them ;) Whenever anyone slips up I reward them with a 10 second sprint. Be sure not to pick on any one person in the group, as everyone is there to have a good time, and work at their own pace/level. I do all the "reward" sprints along with those that are caught by Simon. If Simon catches a number of participants I give the entire class a "reward". The variations that you can create from this drill are endless. I am interested in how it evolves. Please email and share any innovations you try with your class.


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