Hard Core-ography 9

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4348)

This is another advanced combo, no tapping, self-reversing, and using north, south, east, and west as the names of the walls. For an explanation of why I do that, see Hard-Core 6, 7, or 8.

Thanks to my pals Turbo (Deneane) and Janis for a couple of the moves here. I have changed the names (of the steps) to protect my ignorance!

Horizontal step.

Pattern One

Repeat pattern one beginning left lead


Pumpin' L-step:

Note...this is an L-step with no knee lifts. It is followed be a two-knee repeater to complete 16 counts.

One-Lunge: performed facing side wall

Pattern Two

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, and add to pattern one


Van Damme It:

Note...this is a variation of the 8 count kick, from Hard Core 7. Do this low and tight, guard up, like a kickboxing move. Otherwise, you'll have to call it something else!! From this position, with your left leg hanging in the air over the step, proceed into an over the top, coming back home, then march around the end of the step, left lead. You'll be back on the north side of the step, ready for the...

Boomerang: (side approach, on the front - north- side of step)

Pattern Three

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, and add to other patterns


Pump Shuffle:

Charleston Ski:

Pattern Four

Repeat pattern beginning left lead, and add to other patterns


2 Repeater hop circle off the end:

Finish with a knee lift back to home

Over-pony combo :

The ponies are done facing the step

I received an unbelievable amount of email concerning my note on professional integrity! Thanks! It's nice to know that there are still some of us out there who believe that a fit body is nothing when it has a fat mouth attached to it. :)

As usual, please don't use the above routine in a beginner level class. New steppers, and particularly those new to the fitness lifestyle, need to feel successful in their efforts in class. A routine that is this "hard" is setting them up for failure.

Until next time, step smart!


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