Beware - the Abs of March

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 4353)

Here is an abdominal combination which I have been using for a week or so... Explantions at the end.

Beginning with feet flat on floor, chins away from chest etc, etc...

(= no of reps)

This all flows as one without any breaks in between.

I do 8 of each to begin with then 4, then 2, then 1 and then go back up to 2, then 4, then finish back on 8. Takes about 7/8 minutes.

Explanations if needed...

Basic Curls - curling up lifting head and shoulders off floor
Right hand to left knee - lifting up to touch the knee, not twisting to the side but lifting to the corner
Left hand to right knee - as above

...Lift feet in air (knees above hips)...

Curls to knees - keeping legs still curl as you would in a basic curl but working the upper abs more
Crunches - keeping legs up squeeze knees in towards head as you curl up

...Feet back to floor...

Side bends to right - raising body high enough to be able to take the right hand to right heel working from the waist
Side bends to left - as above

Hope you enjoy... As always, any questions please email me...

Take Care


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From: London, England (United Kingdom)
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