Easy movin in 32

This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4358)

This Combo goes really well together everything is in a 32 count and when I teach I call the steps

       xxxxxx     xxxxxxx
       (home)      (red)

       xxxxxx     xxxxxxx
       (jail)     (green)

First Combo

Second Combo

I call it a turn straddle turn around the world

Third Combo

A curb step is this, think of your self as in a rocking motion, step with your right foot on top of the step and leave your left foot on the floor behind the step then take the right foot and step on the floor in front of the step, keeping the left foot where it is, then take the right foot and step on top of the step again and then step behind the left foot with the right.

Fourth Combo

Fifth combo

I call this a volley from home to red, now stay on red and take it from the top with the 3 kick ping pong starting on the red bench going to green.

If you don't understand anything I have typed please let me know. I have never done this before and so it is pretty hard to explain what I do.

I really enjoy this website I think that it is great!!!

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