Hammer Time!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4368)

The step is approached horizontally. This is a real cardio kicker. My class loved it.

CombO 1

Repeat on the left lead leg for a full 32 count routine.

Combo 2

Repeat on left lead leg (the lunges will be right basic with a lunge)

Combo 3

Combo 4

Repeat left lead

O.k. at this point you can add on a few diagonals across the top and so forth. This I used for my advanced class and they loved.

Hammer time: step up with right foot, left foot pivots behind right leg, tapping down right side of step and kinda bouncing back up to tap down left side of step then bounces back to the right side (behind right foot) and then back to the left side the knee comes up and you exit with the count of 3 and 4. Right foot never leaves the step it just pivots back and forth.

Left basic with a lunge: left foot comes up then lunge left, right then exit with the left.

Right basic with a lunge: right foot comes up then lunge right, left exit with the right foot.

Helicopter: step right then left swings around to end of step, step left right leg swings across top of step

If anyone would like to email about this pattern, please do. I always welcome comments and questions.

Stay Fit.

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