Step, no tap, part 5

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4388)

Yes, it's me again with step, no tap, part 5
Take a CD of a tape with club-house music and let's go!!

Explanations of some terms with * see blow

Block 1 (32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32 counts)

Block 2 (32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32 counts)

Block 3 (32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32 counts)

Block 4 (32 counts)

Repeat left lead (32 counts)

Block 5

Repeat left lead (32 counts)


Running over:

Pony step alternate:


2-Knee-repeater-shuffle turn + exit, upjack:

Walk the plank:

A regular repeater knee with a full turn over left shoulder on counts 7&8. For the direction lift your left arm lateral up.

Line straddle:

Lunges rear (your position here is on step):

Step show alternate:

Look out when you show your chest: hold your back straight

Chasse over:
The way to teach this is to start with pony's right and left behind the step and take a break of 4 marches. When you are doing the ponys, tell them to make high ponys (with knees up). Then you show them the ponys over the step (facing left wall) and hold right knee up for 4 counts. The chasse is a fast over the step and back. Make sure that your right foot is above the step for the reverse turn or basic right! After repeating the chasse take a few repeaters for starting chasse on left

Step-Knee-mambo chachacha:

Start with a regulary 3-knee-repeater and show instead of the third knee a heel touch on floor beside the step: heel XXXXXXX

V jump:

Mambo cross phrasing:

Lunges alternate with exit knee:

Oke, that's it.

If you don't understand my explanations, email me.

Keep on stepping.

:) Wilma

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From: Oss (The Netherlands)
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