Lower Body Surprize

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4400)

Have everyone in the class grab a long tube and a partner. Have the participants wrap one tube over the other so they are hooked. Have them grab hold of handles and get a far distance from each other. (the farther away you are the tougher it is)

Combo 1

Have the participants stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hands holding handles thumbs up. Start with single squats, down two up two, pulse 3 up 1. Then back to single squats pulling back with the tube keeping arms close to your sides. (this works the back while your also getting a great workout for the lower)

Combo 2

Have participants stand in plies position. Changing the hand position to thumbs down. Starting again with singles and then adding down two up two down three up one. Then isometric hold down for 8 counts then up. (keep reminding them of their form: abs tight, shoulders back, pressing down with the heels when coming up) then have them add there arms keeping the handles thumb down and pulling to chest level as you plie down ..........

This is so much fun to use once in awhile.my student always have fun with this one. Not only do you get a great lower body work out but you also get a great upper body workout too. Remember to tell participants to hold on the handles tight don't let go and trust your neighbor...this always makes them laugh..... thanks to every one for all of your ideas don't know what I would do without...have fun and I hope I explained this ok

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