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This abdominal workout focuses on pelvic stabilization and contraction of the abdominals muscles versus movement. Students need to maintain a pelvic tilt during the lift portion of each exercise, but go back to a neutral back (slight arch) when releasing, different from the usual abs workout where you keep flat back (pelvic tilt) during the entire workout segment. Ensure you show your students the pelvic tilt versus netural back so that they understand the difference. All movements are slow and small in nature, focusing on stabilizing the pelvis and holding the abdominals in a contracted position. My thanks to Keli Roberts who is awesome and does this type of ab workout with such ease she makes me jealous! Please email for clarifications.

Block #1

Block #2

Same position as block #1
1--Alternate lifting of legs off of floor, no higher than 2 inches, keeping pelvis tucked, no arch in the lower back, as each leg touches back to floor go to neutral back (8 sets).

Block #3

Same position as block #1, but open legs to shoulder width apart, one hand behind head.
1--Opposite hand slides up slowly to opposite knee, contracting pelvis, touch top of knee and move back down to starting position slowly, once you reach starting position, neutral back. (8 sets).
2--Change to up for 3 counts to top of knee, down for one count (8 sets).
3--Change to up for 1 count to top of knee, down for three counts (8 sets).

Block #4

Repeat block #2 starting with opposite leg.

Block #5

Repeat block #3 starting with opposite arm/leg.

Block #6

Will need a step in the horizontal position. Tailbone is touching step, hands are at the side of legs resting on top of step, back down, cross legs at ankles, pulling heels towards butt tightly.
1--Use hands to push off step, do a 2-count slow curl up (reverse curl), hold for 2 counts, back down for 4 counts, go to neutral back (8 sets).

Block #7

Same position as block #6, except legs are uncrossed and at a 90 degree angle over step.
1--Alternate feet down to touch toe on step and back up to 90 degree angle, as both legs are at a 90 degree angle, go to neutral back before the next leg goes down (8 sets).

Block #8

Using step, tailbone touching, bring knees together and turn them to side on step. Take top leg and open it up, resting foot on top of foot lying on step. One arm behind held, tuck pelvis.
1--Reach opposite arm slowly up to knee of leg that is opened up to knee and back down, when you finish move each time, go to neutral back before beginning next move (8 sets).
2--Reach arm outside of opened leg and pulse towards ankle for 8 counts. To make this harder, lift that leg off of step leg. Rest in-between each set for 4-8 counts maintaining a neutral back (4 sets of pulses).

Block #9

Repeat block #8 in opposite direction.

And of course we can't forget some back stabilization exercises.

Back #1

Lay face down on floor, place hands behind back, join fingers. Lift chest slowly up/down off floor, 4 counts up, 4 counts down (8 sets).

Back #2

Lay over step horizontally (hips will be in edge of step, lower abdominal area on top of step). Arms behind head or hands in a fist position and placed on both sides of the head with elbows out parallel to floor. Lift chest back up off step and back down slowly, 4 counts back and 4 counts down.

Ensure a good stretch afterwards. The focus is on slow, controlled movement, concentrating on abdominal contraction and stabilizing their pelvis. Your students might find it hard to complete while it looks easy, have them go at their own pace and rest when needed. There are more increased levels that I will add at a later date.


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