Mangled In March

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4407)

Combo 1

The break between the two separates them into 2 separate combinations but you can weave them together for one large combo.

Combo 2

Again the 3 can be separate combinations or as I do and weave them together into one large combo.

Combo 3

See the again above.

These may look familar because I have stolen a lot of these combos from this site. For example, my Jackie Chan is someone elses Van Damme It....some of my classes are just too sensitive and might think I'm cussing....isn't that sh*tty.

I usually rearrange or delete and add so I hope I put a new twist on some on them so they might interest someone else.

I was just reviewed using these and got a perfect evaluation. Hey I have to brag a little. It's rare to have a regular praise your when a boss does it it's nice.

Have a great class.

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From: Austin, Texas (USA)
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