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Warm up with "Bad to the Bone"

Train for the RUN with Rocky's "Training Montage." Resistance 4 standing run 30 seconds regular with bounce, 30 seconds no bounce turn to resistance 5 & 6 and repeat bounce, no bounce interval.

Train for the SWIM with a 3 minute song (I used "Hot Blooded.") Standing climb at resistance 7 right leg only 30 seconds, left leg only 30 seconds; repeat 2x and finish last minute both legs together. Have participants visualize water chest high and biking through water!

Train for BIKE with sprints at different resistance levels (I used a 6 minute very fast paced song)

Next day is race day...gotta warm-up "Rocky theme" with jump intervals to warm up legs (like they aren't already warmed up-but they picture themselves refreshed on a new day and racing!)

End Rocky with a sound-bit gun shot and go through routine in one song...RUN, SWIM, BIKE....were at the end of the race and there was a tie! Gotta do it again! (It's old, but "Technotronic" worked well with was a very fast paced beat!)

Announce winner and do a standing run with a 'victory lap!'

End cool down with "Free Bird" by Skynyrd.

They really liked the intervals and competition!

Let me know how it goes if you try it:-) SPIN!!!!!!!!!!

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From: Bourbonnais, Illinois (USA)
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