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Start with right lead facing box. Repeat on left lead.

*Start jazz square slow and end fast on top of box (1 2 3 4,5678) - Right foot on step (left corner) cross left foot in front (right corner), right foot on floor then left, right foot on box then left. (You will be on top of the step towards the left side facing front).

*Shake your bootie - you can squat instead but that's really no fun! Step to the right with your feet apart on the box and SHAKE YOUR HIPS (add two claps while you bring left foot together with right) - step to the left and SHAKE IT! (add two claps).

*Reverse mambo - mambo right foot off back of step. The cha cha cha is done ON the box - repeat the same on the left foot.

This pattern is REALLY alot of fun! Break this down slowly and when your class has it - make them SHAKE IT!

Question(s)?? Email me; otherwise HAVE FUN - isn't that what it's all about!


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From: Massachusetts (USA)
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