Tapless In Vegas - Return To Horizontal #5

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4713)

The step is horizontal, 32 count, self-reversing, 100% tapless. Intermediate to advanced skills. North, South, East, and West remain constant regardless of your orientation to the step.

Add these blocks to the three I submitted in Return to Horizontal #4 and you'll have my current routine. Enjoy, and email me with your ideas! Thanks again to Kathy Z Grant for being so generous with her outstanding choreography!

Block Four

Home position, facing North, center.

3 Beat Basics:
Up-up-down-up-up-down-up-up. You finish on top, ready for the repeater.

Repeater Freeze:
A repeater where you hold the repeating foot down on the floor for counts 3-4-5. Really freeze it, NO bouncing, balance!

An over-the-top with no tap. 4 counts.

A reverse knee hop over-the-top. 4 counts.

Knee lunge / one lunge:
Step-knee-lunge-up / lunge(other side)-up-down-down.

Block Five

Pony up-pony down, kick:
I begin this with a tap-up, tap-down, step kick, down-down. Then offer the option of the ponys (1-2-3 up, 1-2-3 down). Be cautious with the pony down, land softly absorbing the impact. This is an 8 count move that gives you a lead change.

Pop & Mambo:
Step hop on one corner, then mambo the floor at the other corner. Keep facing the same direction as the mambo (not a mambo cha cha). This is tricky! The next move happens on the same lead as the mambo.

Basic over:

Kick ball change repeater reverse around the corner:
That's what it is. You're facing west on the north side of the step. You're on a left lead. You do a kick-ballchange repeater moving backwards around the northeast corner. You finish on the home side near the center.

A basic replacement. 4 counts.

I remind them "the first foot up is the first foot down".

Block Six

L jog:
I begin this as 2 pushes on each corner and a 2 'Peter in the center. Once established, I "jog" the 2 pushes, lifting knees and widening the moves off the ends.

Follow this with a repeater 2 to round out the 16 counts.

Knee straddle / push & shuffle:

Reverse skate / down & jack:

I start this move without the reverse element. That is I just do the skate 2 down and jack facing forward, establish the move and explain that when we get to it in real-time we'll be entering from the north side and just need to look forward and watch where we're going. Haven't had any casualties (yet). I teach the knee straddle / push shuffle in the warmup so it's an easy thing to drop in late in the routine when brains are weakening.

Let me know how these things are working for you and if I can clarify anything.

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From: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
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