Rogie Bear Downunder #1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4724)

32 Count self-reversing - step is horizontal

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Breakdown combo #1

PART A) Double straddle indecision with dismount (sometimes called a cross over) and walk around Teaching options:

PART B) 6 Count diagonal with rock and flick kick
Assuming that you are now on the left foot from Part A

Teaching options:

6 Count turn is a follows - assuming that you are leading with the left foot:

Once they have the six count turn, preview the diagonal 6 count (same thing except that your are travelling in a diagonal pattern instead of a turn pattern)
You can then exaggerate the march on the spot to a rock or ball change

Breakdown Combo #2

PART A) 4 Single jogs on top, double jog /hop with 1/4 turn back, exit off end of step (8), single knee and single gallop (8) - assuming that you are still leading with the left leg.

PART B) Charlotte turn with star burst - assuming that you are now leading with the right leg.

Teaching options:
Start with the following: You can choose to teach the charlotte turn after you have the final number of counts as an option for the advanced participants.

Breakdown Combo #3

PART A) L-step with basic tap back - assuming that you are still leading with the right leg.


Basic tap back:

PART B) Stomp corkscrew with pivot turn - assuming that you are now leading with the left leg.

Stomp corkscrew - It is a 12 count corkscrew:

Teaching options:

I know that my terminology may be different to what you may be calling these moves in your respective centres. Please feel free to email me with any queries.

Regards, Rogie Bear.

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From: McMahons Point, Sydney, NSW (Australia)
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