Shield Sprints

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 4745)

This one is simple but effective.

You need two things...

  1. Kicking shields
  2. Lots of energy

Round Kick Sprints

Have everyone in your class choose a partner. One partner grabs a kicking shield. This person holds the shield directly in front of them. The partner without the shield places their right shoulder and right leg an arm's length away from the side of the shield. (They should be in direct line with the side edge of the shield and facing towards their partner.) The partner without the shield will pick up their front leg (the leg closest to the shield) and do continuous round, or roundhouse, kicks. Make them sprint. Count down 30 seconds and make your class kick as fast as they can.

Once they are done with the right leg, the person kicking can move around to the other side of the shield to work their left leg.

Palm Strike Sprints

One partner holds the shield directly in front of them. The other partner lines up directly in front of the shield, facing their partner. Count down 30 seconds and make the person without the shield strike the bag using palm strikes. When the 30 seconds are up, have them hold their hands up, count down 5 seconds, and make them sprint with palm strikes for yet another 30 seconds.


Have the partner holding the shield turn it horizontal. Line their partner up directly in front of the shield. Now, here's the pattern: Switch it around to work the left leg: You can always have partners doing front kicks on the shields or combination kicks like: rear leg front kick, same leg side kick. Just have fun and mix it up.



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