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Hi Goodboxerseyes here,
Need to look at Boxercise 1 for one way of progressing your punches. Rule of thumb when you use a 3-4 punch combo is to start by showing punches at half time and then when the participants catch on to the combination increase it to tempo speed (134-144 b.p.m.)

- These combinations are in groups of (4) or (8) ie counts, and are separate of each other.

- They are shown in the Orthodox Boxing Stance, but you need to switch over to the Southpaw Boxing Stance and repeat combo to have a balanced routine, (don't forget to change to opposite hand also).

- Add or change any punch or movement to suit you.

Punch Combos:

Thanks for the email. Very encouraging to hear that you are using my combinations. Any question just slip me a note.

Remember to have fun, use power, and to listen to your participants they are key to learning and challenging yourself to new levels.

Talk to you again, I hope......GB:

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From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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