Hip hop "classic's style" tha hardcore way

This is a Funk pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4768)

Step out left leg, cross the right leg over the left and twist your waist to the left. Your right heel will move to the left, and your toes from the left foot will move to the right. Step out right/left backwards (4) Cross the leg left over the right and stretch both arms to the same side (right) Cross the right leg behind the left and the right arm will make a throwing movement

Stretch your right arm to the front, side and behind your back then your left arm behind your back (crossed over your right arm) Throw your right arm over your tummy, followed by your left and bring both elbows to each side up (4) stretch the fingers forward, bring them to the side (right, left, right) Bring the right hand over the head on the left side of your head and the left hand under the chin on the right side of your head. Do the same the opposite side, stretch your right arm and put your left hand under the right armpit.

Right hand goes over the left backwards then the left hand with the same movement and then the right hand for the last time over the left bodyroll with popping from the head and finish with your butt a little to the back (4) Kick with the right leg turn a quarter to the right turn to the right side till you finish straight forward.

Jump up and go down, right knee goes to the ground (left side) then the the left knee to the ground (right side) right knee is up and the left hand is on the ground cross right over left and put your left hand all the way to the left and stretch your right leg in the air (4) Bring it back to the ground put your right elbow on your right knee (pause) clap under between your right leg, clap above your right leg stretch right arm followed by the left arm close left foot to the right and slap arms against your legs the same time

It's a four time eight from my routine that I made for the Reebok Demonstration Team Holland

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