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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4769)

Step is horizontal

Combos are self-reversing

Combo 1

(Repeat on other lead)

Combo 2

(Repeat on other lead)

Combo 3

(Repeat on other lead)

Combo 4*

Combo 1 explanation:
Knee straddle around the world.: this is my cue for taking the knee straddle around the bench in both directions. Face the left corner of the step

Repeat steps on this corner and it will bring you back to the front. DON'T TAP....

Go right into your L-step....DON'T TAP

Up-up/tap back 2x: (pretty self explanatory)

Combo 2:
V-step: (you know this one..) Start with a right lead...

Rocking horse "over": (I actually cue it "rockit over") Right foot on step/left ham curl as you hop turn over to face the back of the room. (1-2) It is important to NOT TAP DOWN!! Now you are facing the back of the room and your right knee should be in the air. Go right into a right lead V-step followed by the rocking hop over just as before.. DON'T TAP DOWN!!! Lift knee walk back and kick: again it says what you do.

Repeater 3: (you know that one'll change your lead leg)

Combo 3:
Corner to corner knees: (you do that one in your sleep!!)

Step knee step knee/reverse: There may be other ways to cue that, but that makes sense to me. It's 2 step knees on top of the step, you will be facing the back of the room...that is the reverse...

You should now be angled back to the left corner of the step to go into the corner to corner knees lifts again. The repeater 3 will change your lead.

Combo 4:
This can be a tough one for some students to "get", so I give them an alternative to the Pivot/Switch. I start by teaching a mambo to the corner of the step 1X. Then 1 knee lift. That can continue to be the alternative to the other. Face left corner of the step..... 360 PIVOT...Right foot on step (ball of your foot) "1" Turn your body to the back of the room and place weight on left foot, which is still on the floor. "2" Right foot steps forward on the floor "3" and body pivots back to the front with weight on left foot. "4" SWITCH...right foot steps up/left knee lifts (5-6) Tap left foot, then right foot quickly on the floor on respective sides of the step (7-8) It's like a "switch/switch" on top, the foot on top rests lightly on the step with the knees safely bent while the feet tap lightly down.

You will finish with the left foot on top of the step/right foot resting lightly on the right side of the step...

Repeater 3/straddle: Now you need to "switch" immediately into the repeater...Right foot on top / left foot taps down on left side of step/left knee lifts 3x (repeater) "1-2-3-4-5-6" /Straddle 7-8 (left foot wide/right foot wide)

Reverse turn: Now you are on the back side of the bench... immediately step up left/right (up-up as you turn, facing the front of the room), step down left foot/right foot taps down.

Over the top: Easy enough..just go across the top, you will be facing the right side of the room, ready to start the patten with a left lead

Hope this makes sense...if you need help figuring it out send a note!

Thanks Greg for all your work...Love the graphics on the Dictionary Page!

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From: Vancouver, Washington (USA)
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