Smiley's Spring Into Action

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 4770)

Spring is here and it's time to spring into action!

I'm tired of the same old boring patterns. So, I've added directional changes and some color.

This choreography starts with a right lead. Do all 5 blocks and then repeat entire sequence with a left lead.

Block 1 - 64 counts

Block 2 - 62 counts

Block 3 - 64 counts

Block 4 - 64 counts

Block 5 - 64 counts

Repeat all 5 blocks with a left lead.

Repeater side chamber:
This is a kick-boxing move and is similar to a knee lift to the side. The arm pulls down such that the elbow meets the knee. Execute the move with power & strength. Be Athletic!

In a jumping jack, the legs move out and in (East & West). In a scissor, the legs move forward & back (North & South). When executing 2 scissors,
scissor #1 - the lead leg moves North
scissor #2 - the lead leg moves South

Knee Repeater Lunge:
Follow these steps. All steps are done with one leg. The count is in parenthesis: Knee up (1), lunge back (2), knee up (3), lunge (4), knee up (5), lunge (6), knee up (7), step wide (8)

Teaching tips:
Since all blocks are done with the same lead, I break down the blocks like a sandwich. I first teach block 1 & 5. Block 1 is the top slice of bread and Block 5 is the bottom slice of bread. (I do the entire sequence on both leads.) I then add the meat and cheese - Blocks 2 & 3, one at time. At the end, I save the best for last - Block 4 is the pickle on the side.

Let me know how you like this choreography and where you have used it. It is nice to hear that someone has shared your creative works with people around the world!

Keep Smiling and Keep Fit!

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From: Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
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