Rock Hard

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 4772)

You need a step bench with one or two risers at an incline.

On an incline, start by laying on the bench with your feet flexed in the air. Hang onto the bench with hands behind you.

1st Sequence:

Repeat above for 3 sets

**Points to remember: when you bring your legs down, make sure your lower back is still on the bench. If it's coming off, you are too low with your legs. I tell my class to come down far enough to feel just a pull on their abs then back up.

2nd Sequence:

Still on the incline (hands behind you, hanging on the bench) feet flexed in air. Repeat the above for 3 sets.

* Points to remember: you only need to push up on the ceiling just a little bit then come down. Tell your class not to rock (don't use momentum) use your abs to lift your hips.

This is a killer ab routine, expecially the 2nd sequence. I do this without stopping...for a 15 ab lab. The last five minutes of the ab lab I do lower back strengthening exercises.


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