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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4774)

I am very guilty of using this site often and not returning the favor by submitting stuff myself. Much of this has been "borrowed" from others on this site. I hope that some of you find this "combination" of moves different and usable.

This is a step pattern. The step is horizontal. Movements with * will be explained at the bottom of each combo. All combos are 32 counts and self-reversing.

Combo #1:

*Sticky V-step: A traditional V-step with a tempo change...slowly up onto to step and quickly back down. In this combination, you will do it two times in a row to make the 12 counts.0

*Knee with 2 pulsing squats: a variation of the traditional rocking horse off the side. On a right lead, step onto the step with your right foot and lift your left knee. Use this to carry you to the short end (still facing front) Place the left foot to the floor and stay down and quickly pulse to squats. Lift the left knee again and power back behind the step.

Combo #2:

*Mambo with right lead, cha, cha, cha (or triplet) astride the step. Mambo with left lead, triplet behind the step facing the back wall. Mambo with right lead, triplet astride the step. Instead of doing it one more time to complete the trip around the world, immediately go into the 2 repeater hamstring curl.

Combo #3

* Turn/straddle/knee to knee: start a turnstep, instead of tapping, go down astride the step, step up and lift a single knee, walk 3 steps back, lift the opposite knee, walk 2 steps back toward the step and go right into the A-step.
I got this move from this site and it is now one of my favorites to break down and teach and to do. Try it, you'll see why.

Combo #4

* Corner to corner/straddle/hope turn knee: start with a traditional corner corner to corner and end astride. Step up onto step and end move with a hop turn knee lift that exits in a tap down.

* Knee tap repeater and travel: start with a traditional 3 knee repeater. Replace the second knee in the repeater with a tap on the floor on the far side of the step (step up right, lift the left knee, step back to floor with the left foot, tap the right foot on the floor in front of the step, step back on top with the right foot, lift the left knee and.. here's the important on the floor so the combo reverses.) This will be easy for them if you teach it with a travel!

There are 3 more combos in this class, but I have to plan a new class for tomorrow. If you like these, email me and I will post the rest ASAP.

Thanks again to Greg. I'd be lost without this site on nights like these!

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