GO GO LO LO!!!!!!!!!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4776)

Begin with the step horizontal. You are facing the front of the room and standing behind the step. That's it!! You are now in position to repeat this routine to the left if you want. If you'd rather not and would like to just do it as it is again then replace that Squat with another turnstep. As you see it there are 128 counts to the routine. If you turn it around there would be 256. I hope you can have fun with this one. Lo Lo does!!

A few of these movements you may wish to demonstrate to the class before you begin. Check out the definitions I've provided and if you need me, write me. HAPPY SWEATING!!!!!!!!!


*Basic lunge lunge: step up up on the step. From this position, lunge back 1 time with each foot. Step down down beginning with the same foot that took you up.

**L-step with abductions: it's just an L-step. Most of us lift every knee as we perform it. In this event simply replace those knee lifts with leg abductions. It may seem awkward at first, but you'll get it. It adds a little more strength movement to your routine.

***Jack turn jack: it's just 2 jumping jacks. It takes 4 counts to perform it. In between the first and second jack you must spin around 180 degrees via the propulsion you get performing the jacks.

***Squat: your lead foot is placed on top of the step as you squat down on the 1st count. Rise up from the squat position on the 2nd count. Remove you lead foot from the step and place it on the floor on the 3rd count. Transfer your weight to the other foot on the 4th count as you prepare to perform your next movement.

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