Rogie Bear Downunder # 2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4787)

Step is horizontal, 32 count self-reversing

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Breakdown Combo #1

PART A) 3 Leg curl skate with spin off to end of step + travelling indecision

PART B) 1/2 Knee corkscrew + flick kick (this is used to get us back to the starting position facing the front) - left foot lead

Teaching options:
This can all be taught facing the front, add the options/changes depending on the class ability.
Start with the following configuration

Change the single knee lifts to a knee cork screw (16). It is easiest go into a holding pattern and preview the corkscrew and then get the class to follow. Once they are comfortable with the corkscrew run the 2 x indecision and corkscrew through a couple of times. Now you need to cut this part in half with only 1 x indecision to the other side and 1/2 knee corkscrew (knee, straddle, knee, exit) to get back to the other side. Add in the first bit and you should now be doing the following: Run this through a couple of time until the class is happy with the moves. Next you can teach the optional spin-off/dismount skate. Simply preview the changes i.e. - spin off to the end on the skate, do the two basics on the end of the step, do the travelling indecision along the step and finish with the 1/2 corkscrew to get back to facing front ready to do the same on the other leg. Preview the other leg leading and then get the class to give it a go. In some classes, I might get them to hold the basics on the end of the step for an extra 8-16 counts so they can get their bearings and you can even practice the travelling indecision a couple of times. You can choose to leave the routine like this or you can now take out the 2 x basics on the end of the step, go straight into the indecision after the spin off and add 2 x flick kicks at the end.

Basic 3 leg curl skate breakdown:

Indecision breakdown:

You should now be doing an indecision with a tap. If you want to remove the tap simply rotate the move in a slow inward spin (i.e. opposite direction to the leading leg) so you lead the same leg twice. Note, however you will be facing the back momentarily for the return indecision. If your class does not like it when they cannot see you, leave the tap in for the time being until you break it down to a single indecision.

Knee corkscrew breakdown:

Breakdown Combo #2

PART A) Reverse 10 count turnstep + double knee repeater - now left foot leading

PART B) 2 x Leap across squat + walk around step - now leading with right foot

Teaching options:

Part A) 10 Count reverse turn + double knee repeater

Firstly teach them a 10 count turn - (not reverse) + double knee repeater facing front
Then teach a single reverse turn
Then teach the 10 count reverse turn + double knee repeater

Now the class hopefully comprehends what is involved when you call a reverse turn and they can try the 10 count reverse turn. Anyone having troubles can keep the turn facing the front and will still be on the correct leg. It looks difficult, but is actually easier to perform the reverse turn.

Breakdown Combo #3

PART A) 10 Count L-step + 6 count baby mambo - now leading with the right foot

PART B) 3 Leg curl repeater around end of step + star burst

Teaching options:

10 Count L with baby mambo

You can either preview a 10 count L-step from a normal L-step or use the following breakdown which I prefer:

Now you should happily be performing the 10 count L with baby mambo (16)

3 Leg curl repeater around end of step + star bursts

Now go back to the 10 count L with baby mambo and add the 3 leg curl travelling repeater + star bursts.

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