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Triple Step

The benches are set up in an upside down U. They are referred to as either first/second/third, or left/middle/right. When I teach triple, I don't use patterns or blocks like regular step, just single moves in succession, and then I double back part-way through and start from beginning again. For example, in this triple step combination, I finish around the world and go back to rock step to crystalize the early moves. Then when I get back to around the world I move on. It seems easier that way.

Rock step:
Right foot twice (right foot stays on bench, rocking on it and off it), full pivot once (8), come back to triple knee (8); repeat left. Arms: in front of chest wrists bent up and crossing each other as you push away from body, then they do the breast stroke as you pivot.

**V-step around (all 3 benches):
Start at front (second) with right foot, then turn right to third bench, then turn right to first bench, then back to middle, tap down on last foot and start whole sequence left (toward the end of class these all become power V's);

Transition move:
3 Single knees left/right/left working toward left end of middle bench to set up next move going from middle bench to left (first) bench

Around the world:
Left lead on first bench, after last knee straddle (facing back wall), turn in and forward to front bench on counts 7/8

Wide knee pulls:
With left lead, step up on bench with both feet and do 3 alternating knee pulls on top of bench placing feet out wide on bench (like V-step feet) then step down on floor and full pivot once, as you come out of pivot go to third bench and repeat around the world right lead

Side leg/abductor volley:
Using only first and third benches as many times as it takes to clear the brain for more choreography

Starting left leg on first bench over and back x 4 (same arm as leg: looks like you are doing the back stroke), then power hop-kick on middle bench, repeat scissor on right x 4. Note: advance steppers can add a reverse pivot on scissors. End with power kick on middle bench

Inside knee volley:
Step knee left on middle, walk 2 (facing first bench), step knee on inside corner of first bench, volley this way x 4, then alternating lunges x 4 on middle bench to change lead, then knee volley right lead other way. End on lunges

Transition move:
"Up and off": walk up on top of middle bench and off on front side, two jacks on floor facing mirror, walk right x 4 around to short end of third bench facing inward (facing left side of room). Over all three tops: starting third bench facing inward, turn out on landing, go over second bench facing mirror, turn in on landing, go over first bench facing in. Reverse the move. Keep doing this move, depending on how much you want to take up the heart rate-- it works!

End with 2 or 4 walks back into center, walking toward middle bench; leg extensions x 3, then over top first bench with corkscrew (half pivot to go back over top facing back of room), repeat other way; once back on right foot, start from beginning.

****The advanced version of this move is, rock on bench twice, then a third rock on floor IN FRONT of bench, then pivot from there. As you turn toward the second half of the pivot, the foot comes over the top of the bench and back to the floor (facing back wall) and then finish as you would any pivot. It's cool, but some might think it's too complicated or "dancy."

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