Kim W's Triple Option May 99

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 4813)

Steps are placed in a "U" shaped pattern without corners touching (about a 1/2 riser width apart). The "U" does not face forward to the front of the room, the bottom part faces towards the right wall with the legs (horizontal benches towards front and back of room). Start is with a right lead on the front horizontal step. For this routine I will name the front horizontal step #1, the side vertical step #2, and the back horizontal step #3. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end. This is a routine for advanced students only, don't hesitate to email if you have questions--enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

You are now ready to begin from Block #1 with a left lead facing the back of the room on the #3 step.

Reverse basic:
Up right for a basic step, when you step back down, step down in a wide stance (like a V-step), jack in X 2, hold last jack in and clap X 1 on the eighth count. EX: right foot up (1), left foot up (2), right foot out on floor (4), left foot out on floor (4), jack in (5), jack out (6), jack in (7), clap (8).

Kick volley all-the-way:
After your straddle down, kick right foot, switch to end of #2, kick, switch to other end of #2, kick, switch to end of #3 (now facing back of room), kick then you are ready to do the V-step on left lead.

Walk, 1/4 turn on end:
Walk forward X 2 as you were going to go around the end of the step, then walk 2 more times in a turning fashion. EX: left foot forward, right foot forward, start turning towards right shoulder (left foot stays planted), right foot steps out to other side of step from where you started. #1 step will be on your left, you are facing right wall (or you can simply march around end X 4).

Inside loop:
Turnstep, switch to #3, turnstep, switch back to #1--a big circle.

Double turnstep:
Turnstep on #1, switch to #2, turnstep on #2 with same lead leg, tap down.

Step up left, kick right foot over top of step, put right foot down on top of step, tap left toe on floor, left foot back to top of step, kick right foot and straddle down.

Skip repeater:
Step up right, move to corner of step while lifting left knee, left knee down on step, lift right knee, right foot down on step moving back on step towards your starting point, left knee up and exit side of step--add a skip to knee lifts.

Cross the top all-the-way:
Cross top of #3 longways (facing back of room), switch to #2 step (face left wall--inside of U); cross top of #2, switch to #1 (face front of room), cross top of #1.

Corner to corner repeater:
Do a diagonal (corner-corner) and turn on floor and repeat diagonal back to where you started without a tap down on the first diagonal. Tap down on the second so that #1 is to your right and you are facing left wall.

Hop turn, walk out:
Just like a regular hop turn but no tap, walk out the left foot forward on floor then right foot, this will take you straight into the hike (next step) with a left lead on the floor.

Step forward left moving around end of #2 (outside end), then step forward right (#2 should now be on your right side, you are facing back of room), then do a shuffle on the floor which will change you to a right lead.

2-Knee repeater, ski on floor:
2-Knee repeater with right leg, step down to floor and ski X 1. This will enable you to step up with left lead on #3 to begin from the top of the routine.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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