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This class is not for beginners. It is very tough!! People that take this class better be prepared to work their butts off, and follow orders!! Equipment needed: heavy weights (10 pounds or more), a mat, a running track, a step with 4 risers, a clock or watch. Each exercise is done for 2 minutes. This class is not done with music. Let the people count, grunt, make some noise. Work em hard. Tell them that: if they can take it, then they can make it. Failure is not an option!! Also tell them to get a team mate to help get each other through the class.

Dive bombers:
Start with arms in push up position, feet are wide apart, you are up on your hands and toes. Butt high in the air. You start with your head diving down to mat, then snake up and have your chest go towards the mat, then snake up and have your hips towards the mat. Then you reverse the order. I cue it=head-chest-hips-hips-chest-head.

This is also known as a bridge. Lying on stomach. Weight on elbows. Lift body up in a straight line. Keep the butt down, keep the naval pulled in tight, breath. Legs straight. Look down at floor.

Crunches with weight:
These are done very fast with weight on chest.

Push-up with risers:
Regular push-ups but you put your hands on the risers. One hand on each riser. Gets a nice stretch in the chest. Don't go down too far.

Flutter kicks:
Lying on back, hands under tail bone, head up, kick legs fast up and down, keep low to floor (watch low back)

Hurdlers run:
Start position is like when you are gonna race. Hands on floor, feet in back. bring feet in and out fast. Like a bent over run sorta.

Squat thrust:
Go down to a squat, put hands on floor, throw legs out behind you, bring them back in, squat, stand up. Start again. Very fast

This class is modeled off of boot camp exercises, that is why there is no music. If you want to use music go ahead, then it's just another aerobics class. Make sure you tell your people that this is not an easy class. Only the strong will survive!!!! Enjoy

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