Having a Ball!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5676)

Just a few moves to use with an exercise ball - if you are lucky enough to have them!


The Plank: a prone position on the ball. Use hands to walk out away from the ball, rolling the ball down the legs. Stop when you feel the abdominals go tense with the effort of holding the body straight (like a plank, or board). Body should be absolutely straight - no sagging in the middle - either up or down. The better conditioned the abs are the farther out you can go. (Most advanced is up on the toes with feet flexed, or switching from one toe to the other). Once the body has been stabilized in this position - you can add rolling the ball side to side (small move) while maintaining good form.

The Reverse Plank Curl: start on floor - ball behind you, knees on the floor, toes pointed and tops of the feet on the side of the ball. Heels should be right up against the glutes. Elbows on the floor about one foot away from the knees. Pick both knees up off the floor by pressing into the ball with the pointed feet. Once you are able to do that and stay stable on the ball - then slowly extend the legs to a straight plank position (still on elbows) and slowly return, just tapping the knees to the floor before the next repetition. The name of the game here is keeping the ball stable - the return movement is often more difficult than the extension. More advanced participants can do this move one leg at a time, alternating the legs that do the work. It's great for the abs and also keeps the weight of the body off the wrists.


Glute and ham ecstasy/agony: Supine position on the floor, ball under your ankles with knees bent. Wider feet on the ball means more stability. Feet together is harder. Arms can be spread out on the floor for stability (beginner) or across chest (more advanced). Keeping heels pressed onto the top of the ball, lift glutes off the floor and squeeze while straightening the legs. You can do a wide variety of counts (singles, 4 count, pulses, etc). More advanced - one leg at a time. Then add the ham curl - it's usually a 4 count move. Lift the glutes, bend the knees, curling the ball in towards you, extend the legs, return the glutes to the floor. You can also stay in the lifted glute squeeze and do single count ham curls. For beginners - keep the buns on the floor and simply curl the ball in - but you have to dig your heels into the ball to feel it in the hams. This move can also be done one leg at a time - alternating.

Upper body:

Prone pushups: This is a great move because it can be done by beginners and very advanced people both. Prone position on the ball - similar to plank. Roll out only as far as you can while maintining good form (back striaght - not sagging). Shoulders should be directly over the wrists. Perform pushups with fingers slightly pointed out to target pectoralis - fingers pointed forward to focus more on shoulders and pointed in to feel it in the triceps. The farther away the ball is from your arms the more advanced the exercise (for both upper body and abs). Most advanced players can go to toe position on the ball and/or one leg at a time. To take some of the tension out of thw wrist - spread the fingers wide and push into the floor with the fingertips.

Hope you can understand and use this - maybe I haven't seen any ball exercise on here because it takes so long to explain it! Have a great day!

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