3 Parts, 0 Boredom

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5677)

This is 3 separate step combinations that combine into 1 once put together. You can fill an hour breaking down each of these patterns separately and have the fun of linking them together, adding variations and power, etc.

Step is horizontal, you are facing front to start each of these:

Combo #1

Repeat leading left

*You can vary this with a hop-turn instead, turning away from the step, ending up facing front.

**Vary with a run and a jump for extra power.

Combo #2

Repeat leading left

*You can add a 1/2-hop turn to each knee lift for power and direction change.

Combo #3

Repeat leading left

Putting it all together: instead of doing each as separate combos right & left, you can combine them into 1 long pattern by starting with combo #1 on the right, then go to combo #2 on the left, then combo #3 on the right. This will put you on the left lead, and you start over with combo #1 on the LEFT, #2 right, #3 left (and you end up where you started on the right!) This procedure can be done with almost ANY 3 patterns that transition right to left.

You can add your own variations to some of the simpler stuff to add power, to make it more interesting, or even to simplify some of the more advanced moves.

Have fun!

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