Vacation Deltoids!

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 5695)

This is a fun interactive game to keep participants motivated! I don't like "down time", so I start with an upright row pattern, I walk around the class & ask who is going on or just returned from vacation-and the destinations. Then explain that the class is going to one of the destinations-"Pack your porters allowed..anyone notice they over-packed?" 2nd movement...Deltoid flies...we've arrived in (Bahamas?)...& now we're pouring bahama ma-mas...or some such appropriate drink...3rd movement...frontal deltoid raises (alternating keeps safer form)...time for shopping...carry those shopping bags full of souveniers....4th movement...Deltoid over head presses (military)...time to fly home...but it's a small prop plane and we need to help it get moving!

Use your imagination...the goal is to exhaust the muscle group, and of course people come to aerobics because they tend to be social and want some fun too! Everyone loves a might need to remind them how "rested up" they are after this one!

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From: West Lafayette, Indiana (USA)
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