Stompin' Vertical

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This is a vertical step pattern. I like vertical step due to the fact that the majority of the time, my class is facing me. This works especially well when there are beginners in the class. I really appreciate this site, it has pulled me through many classes, thank you! Some of these moves may be from previously submitted patterns.

I almost always face my class, therefore they mirror my moves. This will be typed from the class point of view, beginning on the right side of the step.

Combo #1

Total 32 counts. Repeat now on left side of step, ending on the right for combo #2.

Combo #2

Total 32 counts. Move on to combo #3

Combo #3

Total 16 counts. Will keep this lunge going for Combo #4

Combo #4

(in this combo, remind them to watch their step, placing feet in the center when working on top)! Total 48 counts (Combo #3 & #4 together = 64 counts)

Combo #5

Placing right foot on the step, and left out in a lateral squat position Repeat again on each side (16)

(Variation on walk around, I call it a helicopter, it's fun! You will skip around your step turning in toward the step rather than out. A complete 360 will be made getting from one side of the step to the other).

Total 32 counts

You are now ready to start from the top beginning on the left side.

I like to teach #1 and go through it several times, then #2 the same, then go back to #1 and #2 then add #3 etc...

*360 over the top - from the right side of the step, step up right and pivot over, l landing left foot, keep turning to face front with right foot ready to walk forward.

**Stomp & stride - taken from this site, thanks! It's fun. Stomp or chug right foot on the step, then stride it or just push it off the floor on the opposite side of the step, then stomp it on the step again and then mambo or rock it on the floor behind you. I cue it... stomp and stride, stomp and back. (8)

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From: Afton, Wyoming (USA)
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