16, 32, & 64 (let's play with the counts!)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5713)

Special thanks to Kathy Z. for inspiration in the following routine. Many moves come from her creative mind, I've added them to my own and want to share them with you all! Have fun, any questions, email me. All questionable moves will be marked with an *, a description will be given following that combo. I am using the N, S, E, & W directional cues in my explanations.

Combo #1

Total 16 counts, repeat starting with pony on floor, left lead

*Hop turn off the end - after completing the basic up on the left lead, you will take the left foot out wide on the step. This is the first count of your hop turn off the end. The rest of it is the same as any other hop turn. The only difference is that you are starting the hop turn from on top of the step rather than the floor.

Combo #2

Total 16 counts, repeat on left lead

*3 Point turn - it's half of your 6 point turn - don't know a 6 point turn? Here is a description of the 3 point turn. Right lead - right foot to step (count 1), left foot to step, just like a regular turnstep (count 2), right foot to floor, again, just like a regular turnstep, but.....lift the left foot off and above the step at the same time (count 3) -- you are now prepared to start a left lead diagonal over your step.

The counts get a little whacked here, so try not to pay much attention to the music. I cue it "3 point turn, diagonal, step back, 2 knee/walk" It's tricky to break down, but I'm sure you'll think of something that works for you. Remember what works for me and my classes may not work for you or yours. But if you need any ideas, email me and I'll do what I can to help. Now, on to......

Combo #3

Hey this one has no long explanation! 32 Counts total, repeat on left lead

Combo #4

-and this one is just a hardworker! Total 64 counts, repeat all on left lead

*Pump 1 and shuffle around - okay, from the straddle position, right foot pumps (stomps, whatevah) 1x (2 counts), then right lead, facing back of room, you shuffle to the west 2x (2 counts), then left lead you shuffle, facing west side of room, 2x towards back of room (2 counts), then right lead, you shuffle towards the east wall (2 counts again), now you are all ready for your.....

*Revolving doors - same lead over the top, that's it. You go over with the left lead from the pump/shuffle move, you have to turn in towards your step in order to go over the top again with the left lead. Remember to keep turning in after your last revolving door, you will want to start your repeater knee straddle facing the west wall. Gotta it?

HAVE FUN! My class is having a blast with this choreo. I rotate out my material weekly. Example - next week I will take out combo #4, move everything down one and add on a new 64 count combo to the top of the line up. This way, the class gets to work on the trickier choreo. for a while. It gives them great satisfaction to finally get a move that we may have worked on for 2 or 3 weeks. I only have them twice a week for step, so they don't get bored with the material. I love hearing someone in my class yell, "I GOT IT, FINALLY!" We all clap and cheer! It's a lot of fun!

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